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I think I've mentioned before that my beloved dentist is leaving the area which necessitated me finding a new one.  I guess I was fortunate that he was local enough all these years.

It got me to thinking about all the complaints from those who have to travel great distances for adequate care.  I sought out a local dentist, but couldn't find one who has extensive knowledge in treating HIV pos folk.  I had to expand my search area and will now be traveling quite a distance.

I have my first appt with a dentist today.  I asked tons of questions before deciding to try this guy out.  It was paramount for me to explain my situation in advance so there'll be a complete understanding of my overall health. 

The major drawback;  Wolfie will be attempting to drive through downtown Columbus.  I made the appt with that in mind so hopefully I'll be missing major traffic.  I'd rather drive 2 hours of dirt roads then drive in the city. :o  Damn, even as typing this, I'm getting more nervous about this prospect.  I googled and found if I drive an extra half an hour, I could make a giant loop and have less city driving.

If I don't make it home, just wanted to thank you all. ;D


My HIV doc is at the university.  The dental clinic is right next door.  I decided to just go there for dental care, since they see so many poz patients.  They have access to my labs.  Everyone has been great.  One dental student was very nervous.  She wore the full hazmat suit, and she was noticeably nervous.  I only saw her once. 

The drawback is that you don't keep the same dentist more than one school year, but that doesn't matter to me.  They are students, but I haven't found that they are any less knowledgable.  In fact, it seems they know the latest things-- obviously because they are in school.  They certainly seem to be much more educated about HIV, which is something older dentists probably didn't get much education on. 

All the best with your new dentist and your navigation. 

Well, wasn't that an adventure....I totally messed it all up.  When I wrote it down, I mistaked the time.  Cognitive abilities be damned.   :o  My appt was at 11:00 but I read it as 1:00.  So I arrived late at the wrong location.  They have 2 offices and I "googled" the wrong one.

The good news; I absolutely adored the lady who managed to fit me.  I think she felt sorry for me.  They started me out in a public area, but quickly moved me a "secure" area.  I was "put off" at first until it was explained that she wanted to be able to speak freely. 

I absolutely adored her and have chosen to keep her.  It didn't hurt when she commented on my sense of humor. 

It was mostly good news.  I was preparing to have my "dingy" teeth whitened, but she didn't think it was necesary.  She indicated that for my age, they're perfectly above normal. 

And since she had to fit me in, I managed to be heading home at rush hour.  I white knuckled it for the first half hour, but quickly figured out how to drive like a lunatic.  I've had this truck for a long time and just turned 118,000 miles on it.  On the way there, I drove slowly.  On the return trip, I hit 80 mph to keep up.  And I liked

great story!

maybe you could write a book?
"Wolfie's adventures on the road for oral care"

illustrations are a must. :)

I have one tough decision to make in the next few days.  When I cracked my back tooth, I falsely assumed it could just be filed down.  This dentist indicates that she can see the nerve and she was suprised that it's causing not pain at all. 

So I can opt for a root canal and a crown or simply have it pulled.  It's the very back tooth so I'm thinking to just have it yanked.  And considering the cost difference, I'm not sure a $2,000 investment is warranted.  I'm a bit scared at the thought of having my first tooth pulled. 

I also learned something....I asked about my bone loss issues and calcium deficiencies and the affects on my dental heath.  Those things don't have anything to do with dental health.  The only concern would be if teeth are loosening because of bone loss in the jaw.  She said mine are perfectly fine in that regards.  Thankfully!!!


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