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Tested positive for HIV and pregnancy last week


Talk about amazingly good and bad news. I am a SAHM of a two year old and I have been seperated from my ex for over a year. Last July I met an amazing man and we have been together ever since. Now I find all this out and it is scary and overwhelming. I am worried that I may have infected him. Before we met I had a test and it was negative but that was only after about a week from a sexual contact. I never followed up with the test because I was not informed that this may not be conclusive.
I was not supposed to conceive because of infertility so it is amazing that I have this one on the way. Still I am having a hard time sleeping and I am worried about my appt on the 25th to find out what my labs are and what meds I will need to start. Plus I am sitting here waiting to hear whether either my ex or my fiance is infected. I know it is not supposed to be a death sentence but to me it seems like one. My family for the most part has been pretty supportive but I am five hours away from them in a new city with a zero support network.

So you are saying that you didn't have a conclusive test?

I am sorry for the confusion. I tested with an Elisa and WB positive this week.

i'm sorry for your'll find tons of support here as i have..this forum is great and very informative..i think there are meds i'm sure your doctor told you about to protect your unborn child..please look into that as soon as possible if you havent yet..

Thanks dingowarrior. I have already seen a infectious specialist and I have another appt with him on the 25th. I also am seeing an OB specialist tomorrow so hopefully all my bases are covered.


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