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just test poz my gf is neg

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I know I sound crazy but please I'm really not. I'm just confused happy for her sad for me mad at my mistakes n wondering what is really going on

it doesnt seem like a mistake was made. it seems like if you have had multiple vl and cd4 tests you are definitely hiv positive. doctors do not give AIDS diagnoses out lightly. i'm sure you wish there was some kind of mistake, i did too after i found out, but after multiple doctors visits and blood tests you should try to accept your status. be thankful that your girlfriend is negative, stop engaging in risky activities like unsafe sex and start moving forward with your life. if you are serious about having a child with her there are several great options for you two. talk to your doctor, do some research. thinking that her negative status means that there was some kind of mistake made about your own status just seems delusional. you are lucky enough to have found a partner who wills tand by you regardless of your own status so consider yourself blessed that you somehow managed to not pass it on to her and try to accept your situation for what it is and move on with your life.

From all I've read, HIV is actually harder to transmit than many think.  Everything has to be just right.  Well, just wrong.  And, infection via the vagina is much harder than the anus.  I've read numerous stories, where a wife remained negative, after years of unprotected sex.  Of course, there are way too many stories where they were infected. 

It is great news your wife wasn't infected.  Obviously, things didn't come together just right for infection to occur.  Your western blot test is definitive that you have HIV.  Did your doc discuss the western blot with you?  Your wife not being poz does not mean you must really be negative. 

Hi gotta,

My situation is very similar to yours, that is, that I am HIV positive and my wife is not. Before I knew I had the virus, my wife and I practiced unsafe sex and yet still my wife still tested negative.

Perhaps it was a matter of luck and from the day I knew I was positive, we have only practiced SAFE sex ... and that is what I suggest that you do in order for your girlfriend to remain negative.

With regards to your gf having a baby, I can assure you that this is possible. As Ann stated, the positive partner has to be on meds, with an undetectable virus for 6 months and without and STIs'. Therefore once you viral load is under control, you can discuss matters with you ID doctor. Perhaps the link provided below can help you understand things even more.

Hopefully my next viral load will be undetectable as my previous one. That means my wife and I can try to have a baby naturally  :) and I'm sure your gf will as well!

Wish us luck!

Gf tested again today.... neg!!!!" Thank god.  The doc wants to see if there are any testing going on for ppl that stay neg.... they r all as shocked as we r about her staying neg... I had such a high vl above 20 million and she is neg...... I'm glad I'm not the only one that's baffaled by this.. still we r all so happy. They wonder if there are ppl that can really help with maybe a cure or maybr just to help with a vaccineo to slow it down...  idk.  Just wanted to let u all know that and now I don't feel crazy well not as much. Lol.


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