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just test poz my gf is neg

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   Hi  Gotta ,
                  Hoping you are feeling more comfortable today with another
    NEG result for your Girl Friend .

    I am   POZ   my    HUSBAND    is  NEGATIVE    :)

    We have been together over 30 years now ,   The first 20 years  we had unprotected  sex , ya know like Bunnies   ::)   

     I have been on  MEDS   9 years now  , so far so good .

    Occasionally  we do it bareback , Not my idea  :-X

   But I will have to assume  He will never be HIV POZ  !  It's not in the works
   for him .  Some people never catch HIV or any other things either ?

   I was not so lucky , But after all these years I feel and look good for
  almost being   60 years old   :'( ......    LOL's  , sort of !

                                  Nice to meet you ,


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