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I went so far out of my comfort zone when I attended my first AMG.  I too worried about all the things you mention.  Christ, I had never been on a plane and bugged the hell out of everyone before even departing.

I worried for the longest time, wondering if I'd be welcome, fit in, and so forth.  Within just a few moments of walking in the hotel, I was met with the warmest welcome.  I've forged some great friendships because of attending these events.


Air and Hotel booked. Provided my face-lift holds and I'm not too much of a rascal . . . I'm on my way!


Hey Fisher,

As others already said, you will enjoy yourself and meet some great people. I have attended most of the AMGs since Montreal in '06, and have loved every one of them.

I look forward to meeting you!



Who just remembered he hasn't made his hotel reservations yet.  :o

Looking forward to meeting you, Mark. And everyone else. I suspect the gathering will be transforming. Bringing me back home in some ways.

Miss P, did you mean shy or less shy?  I'm just a little Maine backwoods bear cub, at times stung by bees when looking for honey in all the wrong places.  I'm surprised you're not yet 49. I've got about 8 years on you.  I always suspected you were around since the African continent rose the Alps in the Eurasian continent.  Amazed you're less than half a century old!

Looking forward to meeting you, too, as your heart (and other things) cleary display and shine in these forums.  As for cigarettes. Bad! Very Bad!  My Nemesis all along while travelling in this wonderful mysterious experience, of being.


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