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We are medical students from the University of Kansas Medical Center looking at the connection between smoking and HIV. If you have HIV, we would really appreciate your input. If you can help us by taking this 3 minute survey, click here:

Thank you for your help!

Jeff G:
You need permission to do this kind of survey on the forum . I have removed your link and I'm asking you to only post in this thread until you get permission for your research .

Thanks .

We are extremely apologetic. How can we go about getting permission for this type of post? If it helps, our survey has been approved by the University of Kansas internal review board and human subjects committee.

Thank you for your considerate reply.

Jeff G:
After you post one more time you will be able to send and receive private messages and then you can request the information directly from Ann via private message . Best of luck .


If you had read the Terms of Membership you agreed to when applying for membership, you would have read the following:

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The forums are not to be used for research recruitment purposes, unless cleared through the forums administrator by contacting

--- End quote ---


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