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Peter Staley, Thank You!

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I also watched How to Survive a Plague the other day. Almost felt surreal to watch and thinking that could be me if only some 25 years earlier. Impressed by the camaraderie and sense of community back then. Anyone who haven't watched it yet, do so. Goes without saying, huge thanks to all those who were there and spoke up.

It is a great documentary to watch.  i rented it on my kindle HD about a week ago.  I also watched the movie 'Milk' about Harvey Milk played by Sean Penn. He was a brave man back then. I also learned a lot about San Francisco that i wasn't familiar with

I've been to the Castro a few times, but after watching these movies I'd like to go back this year and take it in again in a different mindset. I'm always intrigued by folks who make a difference like that, go out of the norm for a cause, become a hero in a sense. Harvey was given a presidential medal of honor by president Obama received by Harvey's Uncle.

Yes, a really BIG thank you, Mr Staley! I truly believe that. My life has been saved by the thousands of activists who have put themselves on the street or injected themselves into FDA meetings to demand action. As that guy in the movie says "The people who are going to save our lives are not Bill Clinton etc. The names of the people who are going to save our lives are Mark Harrington, Peter Staley, etc".

Would be awesome to meet you. Hopefully you do come to Malaysia for IAS2013! :)


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