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Hey everyone, just looking for some support and encouragement with people with similar stories.  I found out on 1/25/13 that I was +, it was a shock but not really.  I wasnt good at getting tested because it seemed easier not knowing, which is stupid.  I ended up getting sick and was in and out of the hospital and finally they did an HIV test.  Well 2 weeks later I got all of my results back and my CD4 was 53 and VL 380,000.  I went on Prezista, Truvada, & Norvir.  They seem to be working great.  I am also on 2 antibiotics to reduce OI.  My 2nd labs came back as CD4 131 VL1437!!!  So that is great.  I will have my next labs drawn in 2 days.  Will be interested in seeing those changes.  I did develop thrush in the mouth and esophagus but that seems to be getting better and might almost be gone.  I did have night sweats really bad at the beginning but those stopped 2 weeks ago, which was exciting.  I do have HPV and contracted that about 6 years ago.  I am nervous because at my last visit they did a anal smear.  The result came back abnormal LSIL.  The ID DR said it is on the lower scale and to schedule an HRA to further examine it.  My appointment for the HRA isnt until 6/4/13.  Makes me nervous but I have to trust the doc and they havent been wrong yet.  It just worries me that I have had HPV for so long.  Anyone else go through this?

Hi there, welcome, sorry about your diagnosis.

It's common to have some anxiety in the beginning.  It sounds to me like your doctors are on top of things, sounds like you are getting great care.

The HPV and LSIL shouldn't cause you to be nervous.  HPV is quite common amongst those with HIV especially among MSM.  LSIL is considered low grade dysplasia and often does not require treatment, watchful waiting is the usual course of care. HSIL or high grade usually requires treatment.

Your wait time of 6 months until your HRA is not a worry.  HPV takes a long time to progress so your good.  I've had HSIL for a couple years. 

I think it's great that your doctor even checked you for HPV so early in your diagnosis.  Many HIV providers don't routinely screen their patients.  The fact that they screened you so quickly tells me that where you are receiving your care is top notch.

Thank you for replying.  I just dont know how accurate those anal smears are.  I told my doctor that I had HPV, its best to just be upfront with everything.  As they told me at the beginning they are part of my new family.  They are excellent and didnt get bothered with me calling all of the time at the beginning.  I am starting to feel better and have gone on with my life like normal.

sorry did you have to do anything regarding your HSIL as far as treatment?


--- Quote from: jaace24 on April 02, 2013, 07:06:09 PM ---Thank you for replying.  I just dont know how accurate those anal smears are. 

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They are pretty accurate.  They are just looking at the cells collected in the smear under the microscope for changes.

--- Quote from: jaace24 on April 02, 2013, 07:06:51 PM ---sorry did you have to do anything regarding your HSIL as far as treatment?

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Yes. I've had the gamut.  Aldera, FU-5, trichloracetic acid, Infra red coagulation, and the HPV vaccine.   Still hasn't cleared. I go for an HRA every three months now to monitor and for more treatments.


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