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I am considering moving to Austin, Texas from Washington, DC.  Does anyone know about the HIV community there?  Can you recommend a good doctor?

There are several good doctors, I've got experience either directly or indirectly with a few. As far as a community goes, well...if there is one I'm not a part of it. I can count the poz folks I know now on two hands. There was an active social group but that group disbanded rather dramatically and if something has gelled since then I'm not aware of it.

There are a few other forum members in Austin so maybe they have more to add. I can tell you that the city is beautiful this time of year and ungodly hot in the summer, but the clothing-optional park is open year-round  8) not that I've been there in recent years.


Hi 1Alpha,

Everyone else is moving to Austin, so you may as well too. ;)

There's not much of an HIV community here as far as I am aware.  There used to be a poz social group a few years ago, that flamed out in a blaze of glory.  Some have attempted meetups, but attendance has been sporadic at best.

Coincidentally, I got a letter from my doctor *today* telling me he was no longer accepting my insurance (Aetna), so now *I* have to find a new doctor.  Which pisses me off, because Gary Werntz was very good, served as both my HIV and primary care physician, and spent tons of time with me in appointments.  Go see him if you can.

Creighton, I could use a good recommendation on an HIV / infectious disease specialist in Austin.  I completely rule out anyone at Austin Infectious Disease Consultants at Seton on 38th St.  I left them because I felt like each appoint was timed -- 5 - 10 minutes max.

Unfortunately, I've turned this into a thread about me.  My apologies, 1alpha.

Creighton is right -- it's ungodly hot here in the summer.  You have been warned. :)  The rest of the year, it's great.




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