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Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: BT65 on April 03, 2013, 05:07:23 AM ---At the ASO I work at, though it's not advertised, we are often able to get our hands on actual meds for someone who has a temporary window of being without them.  Some doctors actually get samples, and we get them from the doctor, or when people change meds they often donate the ones they will no longer be taking. 

I would check with the ASO's in your area.

--- End quote ---

same here

Jeff G:
This subject came up at our Patient Advisory Board meeting last night . The social workers and nurse practitioners put up with red tape and jump through the hoops to get meds from ADAP but if the patient isn't compliant or fails to get his meds one month it really messes the system up and new proscriptions don't get sent .

Patients at the clinic are complaining about 3 hour waits at the pharmacy while the social workers sort through meds , ADAP and shipment of meds when things go wrong . 

Thank you, everyone. I believe it's been sorted thanks to the advice and generosity of the members of this forum.


Persona non grata?

I have no idea why you would be.  But I'm relatively new here. But I do know that time heals, and the hearts I've felt here are full of life and forgiveness . . . even though the teeth are sharp and sometimes bite.  But rarely.


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