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Hi, everyone.

I know I'm persona non grata around here, but I've got a serious question for a friend (yes, I have one, and I need him to stay healthy a long time). It's really not me: I take Stribild.

He's run out of Atripla and can probably not get a new prescription for two weeks. He has Medicaid, but it's in the process of being renewed, so money/insurance is an issue. Does anyone have advice on options in these cases? We're in NYC and I'll do whatever needs to be done. PM me if you have any answers or advice.


Can't You order cheap generic Viraday online in the US?

Anyway, I thought everybody gets affordable HealthCare meanwhile, and the poor people have MedicAid or so, or Am I wrong?
It has to be possible to get lifesaving drugs even when You're in a renewing process or something is terribly wrong with the laws.

Miss Philicia:
ASO's can usually fill out an "emergency form" for one months of meds.

Miss Philicia:
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