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UGH! >:(

and ditto to all of the above comments.


Mark, I feel your frustration and wish I could help.

How far is the closest medical school? We have an Infectious Disease doc that comes out to our local clinic a couple of times a month from Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston, part of the Harvard Med Sch system, and that is over 2 hours away. We have other specialist that come out to the clinic also, but not as often. Of course, it helps that we are a resort town & some of them have vacation haunts here & work here on a Friday or Monday so they don't have to fight the weekend traffic.

I pray that you can work something out. Hugs, Deiby

What a stupid problem for any half way prosperous country to be having. Is my first reaction, your commitment is plain, Mark , hats off to you. Help me,  who politically is responsible for health care provision in your state? What about other conditions how do they get treated.

I suppose I want others to join you , as your post Mark , paints such a huge dollop off responsibility on you , how about a group off people working to gether on what is after all something that is already set up and running.

Good luck and all the strength possable to you, Mark


Hey Mark,

How many patients are affected by this?  If all of you would caravan to the Board of Supervisors meetings for the next three months, every citizen is entitled to address the board for 3 minutes each, on topic of their own choice.  I have done this in Los Angeles and in Lakeport, you will get support from the Board.  County Counsel will be present and may offer help too.

You are a writer, why not write a series of letters to state officials asking for their support, post them in the Activism thread so Forum members can print them out and mail them in from around the world.  Send press releases to the local papers and Letters To The Editor and you will build a grass roots support community demanding HIV care for all.  The domain name worked for me, domain name is ready and available.  It is a lot of work, you will need volunteers but you can do it.   8)  Have the best day

Well, we may have good news in the near future.

When I learned of the doctor's dismissal, I started making phone calls and sending emails to various and sundry people at the state level.

Turns out I was not alone. Apparently, since this doctor also coordinates care among all the area nursing homes and the hospital, there are quite a few others out there who are unhappy with this situation.

Apparently, someone, who shall forever remain nameless, leaked the date and time of the hospital board meeting this month. The turnout was exemplary, including quite a few from the medical community who were unhappy about this.

The net result is things are looking more hopeful now, although I have not heard the final verdict as yet.

So, keep those positive energies coming!




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