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Ten years ago today

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I thought my life was over. 

Boy was I wrong.

Two pills a day,  reasonable healthy (sort of),  a great loving partner,  a good life,  and most importantly a great future ahead of me.

Having lived through the nightmare of the 80's and 90's in NYC,  i consider myself truly blessed.

Thanks to everyone here for all the information and support over the years.  I may not post that much,  but I read a lot and these forums have been invaluable.

that was a sweet comment.

nice to hear as often as possible.

I only wish there was a better way than typing on a computer to express my gratitude.

Happy 10 year anHIVersary!

thanks Mitch  :)

I spoke with a friend of 20+ years the other day who is 26 years into his diagnosis. He's not doing so well.   It made me realize how lucky some of us are.  Anniversaries often make you take stock.

Count your blessings.

Very thoughtful posts.  I am into my 28th year and wish everyone well.


I have to often remind myself how my worst days are still better than most of my long gone friends' best days.

Thanks for sharing.



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