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Austin is just to weird for Kim Jong Un

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North Korea reportedly arming and aiming missiles for Austin Texas (along with LA and DC). This in response to yesterdays B2 Bomber flyovers of S. Korea by the US.

Henry, better put a helmet on!

The good news is American Intelligence believes the N. Koreans don't have the ability to hit the US mainland.

The bad news is that American intelligence is a joke.

I  guess  they can aim them any where they want  but so far  what they got  wont  get to  Alaska


This is a fascinating article in Washington Post today

My favorite line from the article "they are probably bluffing, but you have to admire their attention to detail."

Something Stanley Kubrick about this whole thing... 

That said. I'm hardly a hawk.  But flakes like Imadinnerjacket and Lil Kim Yongmyong Hungtongue mustn't get their hands on accurate long-range missles and atomic weapons.... 

Operation Opera - Israel took out an Iraqi nuclear reactor. - early 80s

I won't be surprised if Obama and/or Netanyahu have something up their sleeves for this summer.  But I also have some confidence in John Kerry's skill... More than Hillary Clinton's in fact.

Kim's father was a bit of a troublemaker as well, but he was just a little bit ronery

It seems Austin already has PSA on how to be prepared for an attack...just a few years old though.


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