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Any predictions for the NCAA tournaments? 

Louisville Cards win! 

OSU advances!!!!!  Haven't checked the results for the other big10 teams that are still in it.

Watched our Cards beat Duke today.  If your watched the game, then you saw the gruesome injury one of our players sustained.  He came down on his leg, and his tibia broke and came out of his leg.  It literally made me nauseous.  You could see it better live on HDTV.  It happened just feet from the players bench, so I know they saw the worst of it.  I can't imagine seeing your bone sticking out of your leg, with your foot just dangling. 

The Louisville Cards go on to Atlanta.

Ted, that was absolutely horrid.  I've not been able to watch any of the replays of it.  Perhaps my own leg injury caused me to get queezy?


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