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Hi. I'm new to this forum. Just came across it today after finding out I'm positive :(

As ppl could imagine its not nice to hear the news. I'm feeling ok and positive about it, not going to let it beat me. It was about 3 month ago I had unprotected anal sex.

They have done 1 blood test (pos) done another one today to check 100% if correct will find out tomorrow. More than likely defiantly got it.

I'm rarely ever ill maybe once a year so I'm kind of thinking I have strong immune system which I hope helps. Iv been reading alot about hiv today and really want to find out what my viral load levels are. Which hopefully is tomorrow.

So just saying hi :) and any questions or any advice anyone has I'm more than happy to take in.

Sorry to hear about the sad news.

But  this came to my mind; some people that start  treatment shortly after been infected , can start treatment right away, by doing so, taking the AR cocktail for 3 or 4 years,  you could not need lifetime medication, ( effective cure, meaning that you would still have the virus in your blood, but your body can control it , and staying away from lifetime treatment.

Please do your research on this article:

In the article they say within 2 months of exposure. The 3 months exposure  you mention might be short enough time to do something.

Again sorry to hear about your case, but I could not help telling you about this article, it might help.

Appreciate the reply.

Hopefully this can be the case. Thanks for the article I will mention this studies to my doctor : )

Just finished my first year on Meds... breathe in Breathe out and move on.. My life is almost back to normal.  This is a great place for information.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis,

You should know this to be true and that is that you are not alone out there. When I was first diagnosed I did some research and found a health organization that specialized in helping individuals who are newly diagnosed. I happened to live in New Hampshire and the organization I went to was called GMAP which stands for the Greater Manchester Aids Project. When I went there I was introduced to the most caring and professional individuals I have ever met. They helped me navigate through the landscape of HIV services that I would have found impossible to figure out due to my mental state of mind at that time.
If your tests do come back that you are HIV positive, it is not the end of your world, it just means that you will need to make some decisions about managing your health, probably more so than you are dong right now. Also if you are newly infected you have time to make some informed decisions about what you feel is best for you in the long term.
Take care and good luck.


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