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--- Quote from: Common_ground on March 28, 2013, 02:14:57 AM ---This sounds like seroconversion to me,which means it is a recent infection not a weakened immune system after years of infection. High VL, relatively low cd4, indeterminate result(?) and the hospital stay all points to that.

What it means to you is that chances are small that your husband passed the virus on to you or someone else, because you found out veeeeery early. Im not just saying this to cheer you up but I think many others here on the forum would make a similar "qualified" guess.

Try not to worry too much, with time things will work out and fall into place. 

--- End quote ---

Actually, a recently seroconverted person is MOST infectious. The high viral load and all that. If he has has intimate relations with his wife (or anyone) in the last couple of weeks  without a condom then she/they are absolutely at risk and need to be tested at the three month period since the past instance of unprotected sex.

There is evidence that starting treatment at seroconversion (which seems to be the case here) can have very positive outcomes insofar as preventing long-term damage to the immune system.

I only caution the poster that her husband really needs to get connected with an infectious disease specialist that works with HIV patients in order to be monitored. Atripla can have side effects that take months to materialize, and while it's easy and very convenient, there are many, many other combinations should her husband feel the ned to switch.

to the OP:

While the circumstances of your husband's infection does warrant a conversation, what's most important is that he is being treated, and treated well. Atripla is excellent at lowering viral load and allowing the immune system to rebuild. At the current state of medicine, your husband (given ongoing treatment and monitoring) stands an excellent chance of recovering physically from this bump in the road and leading a long and healthy (as fas as HIV/AIDS is concerned) life.

Catching an infection early happens less often than we'd like. The fact that you did is fortuitous both in the short and long term.

Thank you all so much. Yes I have been tested 3times since we found out... all neg. They want me to cont testing for 3 mire months. He was admitted into the hospital because he walked out on our family for 4months he just left no contact with me at all. One day he called me and apologized n said he need us in his life. Smh after a week of talking I wanted to see him n I noticed a lymph node on his shoulder was about 3 inches raised. I thought it may have been cancer or his diebietes. He also had such bad chest pain he couldn't eat. I also noticed he lost 15 lbs. I made him ho to er. 
 I love him and cut off contact with a ex whom I reconnected with 2minths after he disappeared I can't walk out on him he won't tell anyone in his family and he refuses to go to doc he won't even take there calls they all call me now I get his meds I got him insurance I give him Med he is not in denial but he does think they are all wrong. I am 32 he is 46 I feel like I'm going crazy

Jeff G:
Hi Worridwife  . I have moved your thread into the Some one I care about has HIV forum .

I know you just wrote that he isn't in denial but it wouldn't be honest or kind if I didn't tell you exactly as I feel . It sounds like a classic case of denial to me and unless he comes around and excepts the truth or excepts the help of a councilor or therapist he will not fare well , Im sorry but its true .

You cant make him take meds forever if he doesn't believe he needs them , he needs regularly scheduled doctor visit and lab work if he is to remain healthy . Try and get him to join the forum here and maybe we can share some things that may help him see that HIV can and does happen to the best of us , so it can happen to him as well .   

Im not trying to scare you but its important for to know as his care taker that there is only so much you can do if he wont help himself . Please remember to take time for your self as well . Im wishing you the best of luck . 

Is he taking the Atripla? Everyday? If he was put on the Atripla in Dec or early January, by now is Viral load should be drastically reduced.  Is he feeling better?

Get a copy of any medical record that marks that he's HIV+ and show it to him.  Also, until he comes to terms with all this, it will help if you can watch that he takes the pill everyday...  Its the very basic necessary thing he needs, even if everything else is still in the air.

Also, take care of yourself, and know that everyone appreciates that you are taking care of him. He sounds like hes in a crisis and at his wits ends.   

Jeff thanks.
I understand what ur saying. And I do get hum to the doc 98% of the time he needs to go sometimes he has work n can't get off I change his appts I realty am trying to keep my sanity and keep him healthy it is hard n he is so angry now idk if its because of his diagnosis or the atripla. And for me to gethim to join any type of group is out of the question he would flip out if he knew I was on here... I just need to talk to some one the understands 


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