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Do I need to lie on the insurance form?

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Hi Common
I would agree with mecch's reasoning.  Not knowing your locale/workplace, I would have to hesitate about the best option.  Is there any local HIV counselor that you could speak with?  One that would insure discretion?

Keep us posted....and hope it all works out.  :)

Hi again
Looks like it worked out after all.
Somehow we got the wrong forms(!), we were supposed to get group insurance but there had been a mix up and we were given the forms for individual cover. So now its basically just our names needed ;D
For those who run into similar problems I would recommend to contact - Thailand Business Coalition On AIDS
An ASO especially dedicated to HIV/AIDS and the workplace. HQ is in Bangkok but they have branches in Chaing Mai, Ranong and Rayong as well.

bravo too cool!


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