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Hi, I'm 27 started Stribild for the first time yesterday. I took it in the am with breakfast I had mild nausea no bad,gas, and some bloating. Later at night I started feeling a weird pain in my right side, my right buttocks area front and back and lower stomach its a weird pain, almost like vibrating type, never experience this before. I was awake all night because of the pain. This morning it was better, almost gone so I decided to take stribild a few hours after the pain is back I feel even harder, same area I feel like sometimes I feel it on my head but it comes and goes. I felt a very sharp pain on my left side around my stomach for like a few seconds it was really sharp. I called my Dr's office spoke with the nurse and she was going to speak to the doctor and call me back. Has anybody else experience this?

My doctor put me on Stibild about six weeks ago. The first few weeks I experienced stomach problems that eventually subsided. My body also became bloated and I started developing intense pain in both my arms especially at night. I was hoping that if I stuck with the medication long enough the side effects would eventually work themselves out but unfortunately that was not the case. As of last friday I switched back to my old medications and the intense pain I was feeling in my hands and arms have diminished. They are almost back to normal so it has been my experience that the Stibild was causing the pain.

Thanks Mike88 I think Stribild is causing this swell.

Have you heard back from your doc, re: Stribild and the possible side effects?
I'm doing really well on Atripla, and I've been on it for about 1.5 years, also started treatment very early (within 25 days of contracting the virus, briefly with a different regimen), but I've been approaching the topic of dropping the Sustiva component and replacing it with an integrase inhibitor, much like the one found in Stribild.  Dr's position is that you don't mess with a treatment that's working.  I feel that the Sustiva is negatively affecting my cholesterol levels. I didn't have it routinely checked as I do now, but they are higher now and I'm convinced that they are due to the meds. 

I started Stribild in March.  I have had relatively very few side effects if any.  I count myself lucky.  I do occasionally have bouts of diarrhea and occasional cramping but they go away quickly.  I sometimes have brief periods of muscle aches but nothing major.  I was more impressed with how quickly my VL dropped when I started.  I started approximately 9 weeks after seroconversion.  Hope this helps.


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