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URGENT!!! European in NYC, meds have run out!

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A big thank you to everyone who can help me out on this one.

I am a visitor from spain, here as a tourist, in new york. I commute from new jersey to manhattan. I am here with my boyfriend. My medications have run out. My medications also were stopped at customs and there is an inexplicable delay to get them. I am on a Atripla.

I obviously cannot afford the pills since they are paid for by the government run health care back in Europe.

How or what do I do to get the medications here??? Please direct me to the appropriate resources.

Has anyone had the same problem as me before?



--- Quote from: spiderfromspain on March 26, 2013, 11:37:57 PM ---My medications also were stopped at customs and there is an inexplicable delay to get them. I am on a Atripla.
--- End quote ---

Your medications were seized via US Customs? Where? Under what circumstances? Were they unlabeled? Did you attempt to hide them -- which is unnecessary but may have caused undue attention? Can you give us more detail? This doesn't make sense.

Read this and see if any of what you did ran counter...

Dear emeraldize,

The customs didn't seize the medications. It's just that the medications are taking too long to be released by them  - the carrier, dhl got in touch with the customs and explained that the customs had now proceeded to acquire the necessary clearance from a higher agency, the FDA which regulates the entry of goods of such nature in the country. At the moment I went with my boyfriend and my apartment mate to the emergency room of hospital bellevue in new york to get an interim supply of medications.

I really have nowhere to turn and my boyfriend and me broke down for the first time that I would need to return to spain if this isn't solved in time.

I did read on the forums how some people could donate their extra meds and I'd really like to get this help even if it was for a month which will really lighten my stressful situation.

Warm greetings and thank you for replying.

Ps: to give you slight history about me, I have been positive since probably about 2007 since I was last tested negative in 2004 and only found out I was positive last year in april while screening my blood for medical reasons other than hiv. My condition was diagnosed at that time as asymptomatic AIDS with viral load of 1, 5 million and cd4 of 182. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex once in that window and even with such high viral load and him being bottom he still remained negative. I have been on atripla since my diagnosis and my viral load fell to undetectable and my cd4 has risen to 550. I was told about this website from someone whoworkas in the health field and didn't have solutions. So here I am.

Oh no I provided all necessary documents including prescription, my passport, doctor's certification and diagnosis, entry date to usa, etc. There was no single document missing from what was requested of me.

I am not on atripla and wish I could help. I am on complera. Have u tried an ASO in New York they should be able to help


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