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HIV infection with condom use

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I have a curious question. Although I do not have my viral counts or my CD4 counts, my western blot said that I am HIV positive. I am accepting this and taking all the proper steps.

I understand HOW I was infected is not important and that I just need to move forward.

But I cannot help be curious, there is little information on the web. Does anybody know of cases where somebody is infected with proper condom use ?  I am a heterosexual female. I have never used drugs or had a blood transfusion.

My boyfriends that I did not use condoms with have all been tested and are all negative. With all other partners (not very many),  I used condoms. I never had a condom break, I never had vaginal contact with fluids. I used latex condoms. What are the statistics on HIV transmission from male to female when condoms are used correctly ? I always thought that condoms were nearly 99% effective... did I just fall into the 1%  ?



If you used a condom correctly like you said and there was no breakage then you didn't contract HIV in that manner.

Hi SR,

I've moved your thread from the Am I Infected forum as that wasn't really that approprate place for this discussion.

Correctly used condoms have been proven to prevent hiv transmission. Hiv does NOT pass through an intact condom.

There are only two things I can think of in your case that might have led to your infection despite condom use.  One is maybe there was a condom that broke that you weren't made aware of. The other thing is that perhaps not all the men who you didn't use condoms with have been honest with you.

There is also the possibility that you were one of the rare people who was infected through giving a blowjob. It is rare that this happens, but it does now and again.

The best thing now is to concentrate on today and the future.


Thanks, Ann.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong spot... intaking a lot of information all at once and trying to be respectful of this board as it is a godsend right now.

Thanks for the response. The two boyfriends did show me their test results ... and I always checked the condoms. Guess maybe sometimes we fear the very thing that we cannot avoid.

I incorrectly (ignorantly) thought the possibility of oral transmission was negligible. Will have to do some more research on that. thanks for the info.



The risk for giving blowjobs IS negligible and unlikely, but it does seem to happen once in a blue moon. A broken condom is a more likely culprit.



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