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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: thatpaulieguy on March 27, 2013, 09:34:29 AM ---hey guys thanks for all the replies, she thinks that the stress of working with kids would be to much and make my symptoms get worse.  But it's great to know that there are other positive people working in childcare, I saw my sexual health doctor at the hospital today and he told me my tcells are up to 600 and he disagreed with my doctor and told me to go back to work.  On the subject of diet I am overweight and nothing has ever seemed to work, I just want to be as healthy as I can be.

--- End quote ---

I would say if your CD4 count is 600 and you feel like working then go for it . I would definitely look into how your medical cost and medications factor into the situation before I made the decision . You may need to do a little planning ahead to make sure your transition back to work goes along seamlessly with your health care needs .

If you want to lose weight , check and see if your clinic has a nutritionist to help guide you . The clinic I attend helped me gain some weight .

Stress from working with kids??? You're doing it wrong ;)

For me working with kids is one of the best things in life, I love it. Getting back to work was the best thing for me, I couldn't help but have fun, smile and enjoy myself. Like Jeff said, ease yourself in though, a few hours here and there so as not to be too much. I really found it hard to walk in the door on the first day but afterwards I knew it was for the best.

What symptoms exactly would be made worse by going back? And I don't personally see why you should have to have a CD4 count over 600 to work.

I did buy some hand gel though, they're full of germs ;)

Yeh I really don't know either myself why she said that, I'm currently looking for a new doctor.  I really miss working with the kids, I had a few initial things I was afraid of but now that I have educated myself more on HIV I feel 100% comfortable with going back.  When I was first diagnosed I fell apart and let my life go to crap, now I want to start cleaning my life up.  Thankyou for all your advice guys
Much Love

What "symptoms" concern you, or this doctor??
It seems really odd that she wouldn't want you to work. Unless maybe you are suffering some effects of having HIV... (you haven't mentioned any here to us).

It sounds as though your doctor is concerned for your mental well being. Your 'life falling apart' sounds like a breakdown to me (correct me if I'm wrong). It can be hard to get back to work after such an event but it's definitely the right thing to do, just as long as it's managed properly.

Like you I had initial feelings of panic regarding my job but, like you, educated myself. I now have no issues regarding HIV and work, it's fine.

Going back to work should have nothing to do with you CD4 count and everything to do with you feeling it's right for you, which you seem to do. Get back and start living your life again.


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