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Hey all
Im so glad I found these message boards, I am 23 and have been positive seen november.  I have been looking for places to talk to people and get support but i can never seem to find anything.  I have a few questions like my doctor got me onto sickness benefits but i want to go back to work (i work in childcare) and she insists she doesn't think it would be a good idea, I'm not sure what to do since i feel 100% healthy my only worry is if I go to work then get on meds and I get a side effect that is bad.  Also, should i be looking into dieting and if so what kind of diets?
Im sorry if this doesn't make sense lol, it is 3am here atm. 

Jeff G:
Hi Paulie and welcome to the forums . Its hard to have an opinion about your doctor wanting you to remain on benefits for the time being without knowing exactly the reasons behind it . I always give great weight to what my doctors advise but in the end I try and make my own decision when I have all the facts laid out before me .

You have youth and a doctor who seems to be looking out for you so all in all I would say you are off to a good start .   

Hi there and welcome! Like Jeff said, it's hard to help unless we know a few more details.

I work in childcare too. I was back in the week after I found out and it was the best thing I could have done. The kids cheered me up no end and suddenly it all didn't seem so bad.

Welcome here.
Why doesn't she want you to go back to work? Have you been out of work for awhile?
Explain the question about diets.  Are you overweight?  Or, are you asking about special diets for HIV+ people?

hey guys thanks for all the replies, she thinks that the stress of working with kids would be to much and make my symptoms get worse.  But it's great to know that there are other positive people working in childcare, I saw my sexual health doctor at the hospital today and he told me my tcells are up to 600 and he disagreed with my doctor and told me to go back to work.  On the subject of diet I am overweight and nothing has ever seemed to work, I just want to be as healthy as I can be.


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