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Swollen salivary glands issues

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--- Quote from: OneTampa on March 26, 2013, 03:20:47 PM ---My HMO carrier GP referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist at the local hospital.

It won't hurt to also consult with your dentist.

I hope this helps.

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--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on March 26, 2013, 09:38:09 AM ---I've long had this issue and use Biotene toothpaste and mouth rinse to try and address the deficiency

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Yeah, as far as the dry mouth part goes, I just started using the Biotene rinse.  It hasn't much so far.  I've tried an organic spray as well with no luck.  I think the salivary glands have some play in this or the meds.

Hi, your CD8, Are they normal? There is something called Dysfunctional Immune Lymphocytes Syndrome.....I got same symptoms, dry mouth, swollen glands


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