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Swollen salivary glands issues

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Has anybody dealt with this?  I've done all sorts of diagnostic tests, scans, come up with nothing.  The doctors just say it's something I probably have to live with, as it's my only side effect from all this.  Despite medications, the glands under the chin area are always swollen. 

Some days it make my life a hassle when speaking at length, but the doctors all tell me to just deal with it.  I've tried all kinds of specialists at this point and tests like I said.

I believe this and the meds sometimes cause symptoms of dry mouth as well.

Miss Philicia:
HIV infection as well as medication can cause persistent dry mouth. I've long had this issue and use Biotene toothpaste and mouth rinse to try and address the deficiency because it can lead to tooth decay. But I don't think my glands are enlarged. You know there are lymph nodes in your neck which can seem swollen when you have HIV.

I'd advise that you be sure to stick with a 6 month routine dental check up. Have you been to the dentist since being diagnosed?

Hi Beenthere,

I've moved your thread out of the Lipo forum and into the Living forum, because your swollen salivary glands have nothing to do with lipo - and you'll also more likely to get more responses in this forum.

Are your doctors sure it's not lymph glands that are swollen? I've had a lymph gland right behind my right earlobe, pretty much the whole time I've been poz. It varies in size (such as getting a bit bigger if I've got a head cold) but never gives me any trouble. It's just one of those things.

Other than that, I got nothin'. Sorry.


All specialists agreed that those are salivary glands.  Getting the CAT scan showed no issues.   

I just called the dentist again to verify that he saw nothing on my last x-rays, but as was said, sometimes it's just something that comes and goes as a side effect.


--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on March 26, 2013, 09:38:09 AM ---Have you been to the dentist since being diagnosed?

--- End quote ---

Yep. Def helps to keep up with the regular dental routine.


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