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Off the trial on to maraviroc (celsentri) and Truvada / Told my BF


Been a while since I posted but thought I'd say hi and give an update.
Since my VL was just shy of UD by week 24 of the study I was on, I couldn't go on to the 2nd phase.

As of today, I started the above meds, taking them once a day.

Anyone had any experience with this combo? Curious to know how it's worked out for you.

Also, I have only told a couple ppl about my diagnosis for one reason or another..but last night when my best friend (who is also my ex) was over, we got to talking about something completely different of an emotional nature..and I broke down and started to cry, told him I needed to tell him something.

Well I told him and it was a huge weight of my shoulders..the reaction was shock but nothing short of 100% support.  He even went to my Dr appt today about my new meds.

Hope you are all doing well, and would love to hear from anyone about those meds.


I've been on this combo for 2.5 years. So far so good.

I take celsentri and prezista since 2009 in a trial. Never had a problem with the drugs. Liver and Kidneys are still fabulous.
I couldnt take the drugs for 2 weeks due to an illness, so I have to take Tuvada additionally for some months until I get UD again.

Anyway, I talked with my Doc about the combo, and it is still in research and an unusal combo. Only some thousand patients take it at the moment. Its not sure if it will work for a long time, because its only a dual-combo. You get more often "Blips" than on other combos, thats for sure.
A high compliance is absolutely essential, should be 99%. :)

(I have to edit, im so stupid :)
Truvada are 2 drugs of course- so it is a normal triple combo. should be no problem- celsentri and truvada are very compatible)

Thanks for the info guys.


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