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Hard core insomnia

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yea itz me again....i should change my screen name to wussyboy. anyway....same old story diagnosed july kaletra and truvada and all sorta problems this week. all this week iv been having hard core insomnia. i had mild problems at first and the doc gave me ambien cr 12.5 which worked well at first. now im waking up 3 times a night and having to take another pill to go back to sleep. it only works for 2 or 3 hours. im not tired during the day kinda hyper actually. cant seem to take nap @ all. concern is things iv read on the internet is that chronic insomnia is a sign of high viral load. i was over 100k when tested then down to 5k after 30 days. am i freaking out over nothing? as iv said b4 the doc just kinda blows me off when i call. i take meds @ 10a & 10p. mayb change times earlier before bed? can you do that w/out a problem? any suggestions? anyone recommend better sleep medicine?

thanx for all the good previous advice.


insomnia, could be caused by lots of things - sounds like you've had a lot to deal with recently,& stress/worry can be a major sleep disruptor.

another possibility is med related...the truvada can, in some people cause difficulties with sleeping
This should get better as time goes by...if not, do talk to your dr about the possibility of changing.

in the meantime...whatever the cause, some ideas to help
hope you get some rest..


edited, cos my brain isn't working and i just read kaletra as sustiva...and so the madness begins.. :-)


--- Quote from: FiercenBed on October 14, 2006, 06:04:36 PM ---concern is things iv read on the internet is that chronic insomnia is a sign of high viral load

--- End quote ---
Not true.  Though I'd be interested to know where you found this info.


Thank you for the link.  That was very comprehensive and informative.  But I still did not find any statement that links chronic insomnia to high viral load (did I miss it?).  The closest I found was this in slide 14 which has an entirely different interpretation:

"Chronic insomnia affects a significant number of persons with HIV/AIDS. Early on in the disease, even while asymptomatic, patients may experience difficulty sleeping. This may be due to anxiety, stress related factors or disruption of sleep architecture from direct virally mediated changes. As the patient becomes symptomatic, sleep difficulties may result from underlying conditions associated with HIV or its systemic complications (e.g., fever, pain,dehydration and poor nutrition). In more advanced disease, sleep difficulties are more prevalent and may be due to the dementing process itself. HIV related medications have negative sleep effects which further intensifies the problem."


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