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Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Up for US Supreme Court Review This Week...

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Assuming DOMA gets thrown out -- it will be interesting to see just how the federal benefits get applied.  I've read lots of differing opinions:

Only if you live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal
Every state
Only get benefits from the time of the ruling forward
Only get benefits from the time of the ruling forward, unless you have a pending lawsuit already filed -- then you "win"
Benefits would be retroactive

Time will tell -- I'm hoping for the most sweeping application, of course.  I want to get the federal benefits, even though I live in Virginia.  Plus -- if I could file an amended tax return for 2012 (when we got married) -- we'd get almost $3,000 back from the US Treasury!!

I kept waiting for someone to bring up the Full Faith & Credit clause -- moving from state to state should not "unmarry" you -- just like if your state lets you drive at a younger age than another, your driver's license doesn't become invalid when you cross state lines.  You may not be able to GET a license in that state, but you can still drive if you have a valid license from another.


My friend from way back made this chart.  Just thought it was interesting.  He went to Harvard, so I guess I trust his data and analysis. 


 :) :D

Joe K:
Excellent column from Maureen Dowd in Today's NYT:

I added my comment:

Joe Killfoile Montreal

Please stop referring to LGBT people as having a sexual preference. I'm gay and there is no way I would have chosen this sexual orientation, given the hatred, bigotry and physical violence against my community. I was born this way and there is nothing wrong with me. You demean an entire community of diverse individuals, when you suggest that how we are "wired sexually" is somehow a choice.

Nobody will ever understand what it is like to be a LGBT person, unless you are one. We did not choose to be born this way, yet we have made our way through centuries of hatred and discrimination. It's bad enough that our Supreme Court won't strike down discrimination against our community, we don't need people who have no idea, what it is like to LGBT, to be telling us who and what we are.

I do not want special rights, I want equal rights. I am a gay American citizen, seen by my own government, as a second class citizen. I'm also a Canadian citizen by birth and I now live in a county that values all of her citizens as perfectly equal. I waited almost sixty years, waiting for American to do right by me and she turned her back on me.

Please stop turning your back on millions of your LGBT citizens and give them the equal rights they have always deserved.


Washington DC Metro Weekly article on Supreme Court proceedings noting Justice Kagan's "Z-Snap" worthy comments:


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