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who here is not on treatment?

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I got infected in September of last year and as at my 1st and only test my cd4 was higher than the recommended 350 required to start treatment. I do think health wise it's been 50/50 for me cos there are days I feel very well and there are days I feel tired not necessarily sick buh plain tired. It does bother me what's going on in me and how to control it without meds. And also I feel leaner, lost about 4kg in weight and have been trying really hard to maintain it or get it back and don't know how possible that is without meds. Mentally it feels like I'm walking a tight rope and I'm always on the edge even a pimple on my face makes me imagine things.

I'm expecting my new results tomorrow, that would tell me how well i have been coping since dgx till date.

And yes I still wish I never crossed this path.

I've been HIV positive since 1984 for 21 years I was not on meds CD4 1400-1200 VL avg. 4500. Classified as a LTNP in 1989. Physically wise, I never felt any different than I had felt before diagnosed. In 2005, CD4 crashed, hospitalized with Disseminating Histoplasmosis. Physical health went to shit, lost my hearing in left ear, battled the histo for about 6.5 years and have chronic CFS. Was on Atripla for the past few years and recently switched to Complera. Now I'm back to feeling pretty well except for CFS which I take medication for that.

I'm not on treatment.
Been positive for less than 2 years. Viral load never went above 10.000 and CD4s were between 500 and 800 for the most part.
I do not feel any changes to my body, health or wellbeing since I am positive. I don't get sick more often. I am not more tired or anything. I did not feel any symptoms during seroconversion. I'd never suspected to be poz if I hadn't done that test.
Despite all that, I want to get on meds soon. The reason I haven't yet was because I was out of my country and didn't have proper health care coverage abroad.
The guidelines here also still say 350. But the newer studies seem to show benefits to start treatment at the 500 mark.

I don't like the idea of seeing my CD4s drop. I rather see them climb. So, that's one reason to start early. At first I was concerned about side effects but after doing a lot of reading and now having some real-life poz friends who are on meds and have no side effects whatsoever, I am not worried about that anymore.
Another important reason for me is the peace of mind you have when being UD. First of all you know that the virus is under control. But also, you don't have to worry anymore about sex. I'm not the overly anxious type of guy but knowing that I am infectious is still in the back of my head when I have sex. What if the condom breaks, what if I get drunk and do something stupid, what if...  these kinds of concerns. Knowing that the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum would take most of these worries away, hopefully. And also the worries of the guys I have sex with (in those cases where I chose to disclose).
Sooner or later we all have to start anyway. Why drag out the start of treatment for a few more months or a year if you can do something about your health right away. I'd rather start now instead of waiting and see the CD4s decline. (If I was elite controller, I might see things differently)

On the other hand, my concerns about starting meds is that I will be reminded of this virus every single day (then again I log on to this forum every single day, so what's the difference). I'm slightly worried about adherence because I have a very unsteady daily routine and sleeping patterns.


--- Quote from: Dr.Strangelove on March 25, 2013, 05:18:23 PM ---I'm slightly worried about adherence because I have a very unsteady daily routine and sleeping patterns.

--- End quote ---
get something you can take with food and take it with dinner every night. ;) it's a great way to remember. and once-a-day regimens have pretty great leeway timewise. surely you'll be eating dinner within the same 4-hr window most evenings

So I shouldn't google disseminating histoplasmosis. In fact I shouldn't google lots of things I read about.

I think I'm coming round to the idea of meds a bit more. At the beginning I had them all bundled up with the virus itself, now I'm more used to having being HIV positive I know that they're a lifeline. It's nothing I"m going to rush into though, I stil want to see how my body copes over the next year or so.

Skycee, have you got your numbers back then? I think we were infected around the same time.


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