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who here is not on treatment?

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Coming up to get my latest results this week and got me wondering:

Who on the forum is not receiving HAART?

Why are you not on treatment?

What are your numbers?

How do you feel about this in body and mind?

I'm not on it yet as guidelines in the UK say I should start at 350 CD4 count. Apart from getting a cold sore every time I go out drinking I feel fine but I am concerned about infecting my boyfriend. Very concerned really, as is he, even though he is coming round and getting less jittery.

I'm fairly sure my viral load will be much higher than last time, so far having a lower than normal viral load has helped me feel less contagious  and helped put my mind at rest (a little anyway).


UK guidelines do allow for someone to start treatment if their cd4 is greater than 350 if the reason is to reduce transmission to a partner. 

"We recommend following discussion, if a patient with a CD4 cell count >350 cells/mL wishes to start GPP ART to reduce the risk of transmission to partners, this decision is respected and ART is started."


If you want to start, print that out and discuss with your doctor.  Just though I would share that with you.

(Other than that I'm on treatment so ill let others who are not post)

I was diagnosed 6 years ago. Not on treatment. CD4 has always been around 700-750. VL feb was at 600 copies, the highest since daignosis.

I feel ok, but I know someday I will have to go on treatment.
I feel a lot of respect and gratitude to those who were there before me, and thanks to whom I can now rest assured that when comes the time for treatment, I will do just fine.


Thanks buginme, I knew about the option and that's partly why I started this thread. It's good to have the details. Karry, you seem to be doing pretty well so far, I hope it carries on in that vein for a few more years.

Not on meds yet.  My CD4 has been stable around 700.  VL is usually under 20k.  CD8 is usually 1,800.  CD4% bounces from low 20's to high 20's, but usually right in middle at 25%.  I did have my highest vl reading this last time at 31,000.  I have had two CD4 drops to about 500.  Both times I was very stressed, when giving blood. 

So, I have just been seeing how it goes.  I am pretty sure I was infected in 2001, but diagnosed in 2008.  After getting ill in 2008, I fully expected to start meds right away.  My numbers rebounded, so I held off.  I always wonder whether I am making the right choice.  I do worry about the unseen damage from inflammation.  I read different things.  I've read where some believe meds don't reduce inflammation as much as many think, especially in those with a moderate or low vl.  And, where many don't believe there is a significant benefit from starting above 500, except to be less infectious.  I've read where others say differently.  I don't know.

So, I am in a holding pattern.  I feel ok.  I know I don't have the energy I use to have, and I don't think it is due to just being older now.  37 is still young.  But, I have depression and anxiety issues, so it can be hard to determine what is the virus and what is anxiety.  Anxiety can cause all sorts of physical symptoms.  I suspect it is a mix of both.

I do believe I would probably feel much better on meds, not just from the meds working, but also mentally-- feeling I was be proactive and taking charge.  I have always said I would for sure start by CD4 500. 


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