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I kind of left a few months ago as I had to get with the program and start COMPLERA.
I went into a classic delay and procrastinate mode.
Finally bit the bullet and with shaking hand filled out the ADAP form for the SPECIAL PHARMACEUTICAL BENEFITS PROGRAM.  I had convinced myself that I was going to be turned down and I would quickly go through my meager funds, becoming bankrupt.
My co-pay for Complera, on Part D of Medicare was to be 500.00 dollars a month.  So I really needed to get ADAP.
 I applied about March 14th and today I got my SPBP card and I pick up the COMPLERA on Monday.  They pick up all the cost Medicare does not cover. So, no copay.
Just want to say....the SPBP application process was smooth and quick.  All my panic and fears for nothing.  Pennsylvania is a pretty good state to get sick in.
I see Dennis is taking COMPLERA, so give us a review.
Hello to Mark and Betty and all you guys.

Jeff G:
Great news Bear ... That has to be a tremendous relief to have this settled .

Miss Philicia:
That's good news, Joel -- been meaning to call to see if you'd bitten the bullet after our last drink together. I had no idea that you weren't already set up with ADAP/SPBP or I'd said you definitely would be quickly approved. Good luck on Monday and when the dust settles let's get together again.

Thanks David.  I appreciate your encouragement.  See...what happeded is this:  I used to make too much money to be on SPBP.  Now that I am retired, my income was almost elminated because I was self employed. I now live on Social Security mostly. But I wasnt sure if I'd get approved.  Got it?

Great news Joel   ;)  Yeah I hear ya, my  COMPLERA is $250, guess BCBS thought I was poor enough to get it for that price w/ a small co-pay, guess that go by my income level.....dunno  :-\

Yeah it's only been day 2, so yeah I'll give you a review, the one thing I noticed
right off the bat, was no acid reflux, no bloating, no diarrhea

I now have solid stools, I haven't have those in yrs.  :D

( I don't look like a pregnant 56 yr old man anymore)  ;D

I'm kinda jittery and do fly off the handle more, but, I've been moving

into our new place, so, well you know how that is  :o

also no gas and food digests a heck of a lot better, all of this in just 2 days

I'm stoked  8)


Den  :D


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