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Hi everyone! Just got my confirmation results last week and it's positive. Just got my CD4 count - 348. Two points lower than the cut-off for me not to take meds. My doc says I need to start on meds in two weeks. I actually looking forward to it because I know these meds will help me control this virus. I can't wait to make my immune system healthy again. I hope everything works out just fine. =) By the way, good news is I don't have any coeinfection. I really hope that meds will make feel better. =)

Jeff G:
Hi Paul and welcome to the forums . You seem to have a great attitude and that is refreshing and a very good sign you will be back as good as new when you get on your meds and adjusted to them . I felt much better when I began meds and I'm confident you will too even if its the peace of mind that comes from knowing your meds are doing the job and the virus is undercontrol . Best of luck and again , welcome aboard . 

Thanks Jeff!  :) This forum has helped me a lot. The first time my initial results came out, I thought my life is totally over. Then, I came across this site and it help me understand that everything is NOT over. I'll be living until I'm really, really old.  ;D

Paul, welcome to the forums.  It is good to see the positive attitude you have.  Good to hear you don't have any other issue to deal with. 

All the best and keep in touch. 



--- Quote from: paulsmithpoz10 on March 23, 2013, 12:15:38 AM ---
I'll be living until I'm really, really old.  ;D

--- End quote ---

Provided you always remember to look both ways before you cross the street! ;)

Hi Paul, welcome to the forums.

Have you found some of the other sections of this website yet?

One area you might be particularly interested in right now is the Treatments page, which will link you to information on all the individual meds.

Another area you may find useful are the Lessons.

The Lessons that you may be particularly interested in reading now are ones like The HIV Life Cycle, which will explain how the different classes of meds stop hiv at various parts of its life cycle.

Other Lessons you may find useful at this stage are; The Blood Tests You'll Need, which also explains what your lab results mean; Things You Should Know Before Starting Treatment; The Big Treatment Questions; and Living with HIV. You will find links to those Lessons on the main Lesson page I linked you to above.

One thing you should know - you do not have to rush into treatment at this stage. Your CD4 is still at a respectable number and you do have time to get used to the idea of taking meds every single day, while doing your best to not miss doses. It's an important commitment that you need to be mentally and emotionally ready to take on.

At your next appointment, rather than blindly accept whatever combo your doctor decides for you, discuss what other options s/he may recommend and - this is important - write down what s/he says. Go away and do some homework on her/his recommendations and decide which you think will be the best fit for you. Ask others here what their experiences have been.

A good doctor/patient relationship is one that entails two-way communication and joint decision making. Your doctor works for you - and should also work with you - to find the best fit treatment-wise for you.

As I briefly mentioned above, it's a good idea to write things down. Get yourself a small notebook and write down questions for your doctor as you think of them and remember to take the notebook with you to your appointments.

Make sure you write down the answers to your questions as well - often just a few words will be enough to jog your memory - because it's all too easy to forget most of what the doctor told you the minute you walk out the door.

Believe me, I know this (how easy it is to forget what was said) from experience and even after twelve years of regular hiv doctor appointments, I still have an hiv Q&A notebook for my appointments. It really helps.

Hang in there and good luck!



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