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New Member, just got my results

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So, my numbers are improving even though it's slower than I hoped for. Weird thinking my CD4 was higher before the meds, and that the percentage dropped from last month as well.

Even my VL seems to be going down slower than it should.

I've been assigned to a psychiatrist. I was also supposed to see a therapist (what i really wanted) but for the past two months there have been "scheduling conflicts." I've seen the psychiatrist twice and both times she assigned a new drug to take. I see her again next week and I'll tell her I stopped taking the meds she assigned. I hate psychiatrists and was only willing to give mine a try because I thought I'd stomach it as long as I got to see a therapist. Seeing a psychiatrist but not therapist feels wrong to me.

I don't even want to see the therapist now. According to my Dr and psychiatrist it seems to be the therapists fault my appointment hasn't been set up, so even though I've never met him, I already think of him as unprofessional and a liar (he claims my cell doesn't take voicemails but that's not true).

Maybe I'll just stop seeing the psychiatrist altogether. My roomate and I started a vegetable rooftop garden and I've found that to be more therapeutic than anything else I've done since being diagnosed.

Hey Gav,

You haven't been on meds very long. Give it some time. They do work.

As far a therapy...
It might take a few "docs" to find one that meshes well with you.
Don't give up. :)
The vegetable garden therapy is great too! I find it very therapeutic myself.


Hi Gavelkind,

I am super new to the forum but I've been positive 5 years now.

As for your therapy, DON'T give up on it. Seek someone else out if you aren't pleased with who you have but don't count it out. I only wish I had the time to go.

Also, your VL seems to be decreasing pretty steadily especially considering where it was. Be patient... and the CD4? That'll bounce all over the place. You'll drive yourself nuts deciphering what the latest lab meant.

I don't have any advice other than that and probably won't have much cause... well I'm new here. But I'm always around to talk. :)


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