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Viraday vs ateipla

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I am in the country of Syria and the government have been giving us for free viraday by cipla now due to the situation here the medication have stopped for a while now can I take atripla ( offered by a friend from the states)when I am out if viraday and then go back to viraday ?   
Thanks a lot

Hi there,

I think so

Hi Amierelsham, welcome to the forums.

Atripla and Viraday are the same medications. You should have no problem taking Atripla.

I'm so very glad to hear that you will be able to have a supply of your hiv meds. My heart goes out to you - what a frightening situation to be in all-round.

Stay strong, stay safe, and please keep in touch with us!


Jeff G:
Hi Amierelsham and welcome to the forums . I want to echo what Ann said and let you know we are here for moral support . Please stay safe and let us hear from you when you can . Jeff .

Thank you soo much for your replay I was afraid to change the medication because last time I did I had some very serious stress problems  and thank you Ann.... Am very glad that I got a quick replay and I wish a healthy life for all of you
And thx Jeff


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