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Current experiences with Egrifta

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Well, I'm at about 2.75 months. Apart from the continuing softening of the fat layer, when I went to my Doctor a week or so ago I was able to wear a pair of trousers that a month and a half ago I couldn't get to within two inches of getting them on. I regard that as a triumph of sorts. Since I haven't been keeping systematic measurements, I'm kind of forced to fall back on waist measurements as a surrogate. I also appear to have lost some six pounds as a real thing, which is also encouraging.

also, I have had no real side-effects thus far.

All told, I am encouraged. I hope that this may be some encouragement to others as well!

Till the next update, peace be unto you all!


Miss Philicia:
Congratulations on fitting in smaller pants -- that must make you feel very good!

My doctor is considering putting me on egrifta.  I have belly fat that is hard and  I cannot get rid of despite being an avid gym goer, serious about diet.   my doctors re concerned about my amylase and blood sugar numbers.  I am curious to see what other people's experiences are and I have read some of the other threads.

Hi, How did you obtain Egrifta?  In past used androgel but now insurance will not pay & my doc thinks I can't get egrifta because insurance will not cover.   Can anyone  tell me how to obtain these meds to help with  increase belly fat and fat folds on sides from prior melds or are there alternate melds that can help with this?

Jeff G:
Hi Livehope . Welcome to the forums . It may help us help you if you do an introduction thread of your own and tell us how long you have been poz so we can get to know you .

This is only a suggestion , you are free to post where you want since you are living with HIV . Welcome and glad you found us .


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