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Hi Jeff,
I wanted to Post just to you directly..but not sure if this is just to you or All?  I am with Partner and he has been Poz since 1993..needless to many on this site..we have experienced much & are still learning how to manage living POZ.

I had been on this site when it first started years ago and I/we have been in the earlier days with the "pi-treat@pozlink forums"...(for those that might remember this)... Back in those days..the news came from a few key sources..AIDA Treatment News out of SF and now in Philadelphia, BETA , Project Inform, etc.   I am now trying to navigate around this site as it seems if I want to venture from AIDSMEDS to say POZ or other areas..I need to re-register and login again on those sites?  I will catch up. 

Thanks for your note. I greatly appreciate it. Can you confirm that for this Forum - it is OK to be posting as a Partner of someone POZ and in support of our needs. Thanks.

Jeff G:
Hi again Live , you can post in the Someone I care About forum and off topic since you are not HIV positive yourself .

Best of luck .


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