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I just found this forum, and it's been quite helpful already. But there didn't seem to be a currently active Egrifta thread, and I thought it might be helpful to share come new experiences.

I've been on Egrifta now for about 2 months, and I've recently begun to notice some of the things noted in earlier posts - most specifically, the softening of the stomach fat from its previously hard state. In fact, as I heaved myself up from my chair today, I noticed that I've actually begun to jiggle some. I haven't really lost any weight yet (though I am aware that some old clothes now fit again), but I have hopes. Without the info from this forum, I don't know if I'd really have noticed the softening, which is really quite encouraging. Give thanks for the age of the internet that allows such peer-to-peer sharing!

Oddly enough, I put on the 40 or so extra pounds that I'm carting around in less than three months. My doctor had changed one of my blood pressure meds, and discounted my reports that I seemed to be gaining alarming weight as just another complaint from and old fat man (NB: I was NOT fat until this!) When I finally convinced her that there was a problem and she changed the BP med, the gain stopped, but the damage had been done - up to almost 200 pounds, when I had never weighed moire than 160 before. I've had no luck at all trying to get rid of it. I have back problems that complicate getting any exercise; imagine trying to exercise with an extra 30 pound sack of cement tied around your middle.

For the first time, I feel that there might be hope. My current body is so at odds with my self-image that it's been a real struggle, and it really doesn't do any good for people to tell me that the weight is not a problem, because it really is. If I could get to the point where I could see over my stomach to see my penis again, that would be a big step forward.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any update on Egrifta experiences that anyone cares to share. It would help! Thanks!

Jeff G:
Welcome to the forums DrEvil1 , Im glad you found us .

Im a diabetic and have a lot of internal fat that has aggravated the problem but I cant take Engrifta because of the diabetes . Your right , there have only been a few short threads here about Engrifta and I don't know anybody personally who has tried it .
Wish I could be more help .   

Miss Philicia:
there's a whole thread here of someone sharing their experience with it

Yes, I've read through LTS's description of his year with Egrifta.  Basically, it didn't do much of anything for him. I'm hoping for a better outcome myself. I have a lot invested in this working; if I can't get my body, or something analogous to it, back again, the consequences could be serious. You'd think that when you reach my age (70), you'd be beyond mundane issues such as body image. WRONG! It's also tied up with things like the ability to exercise. Well we'll see. I do have some hopeful signs; the change in firmness, the ability to get into at least a couple of pairs of pants. I'll keep you all posted, and invite your comments as well!


Dr   evil1   ,  got  some  personal info /experience  for you  after you make a  few more post I can send you a  PM



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