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How far have we gone?

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Since my diagnosis in 2001 i have been checking this site out,and ever since all i hear is : "but scientists warn that it will take many years before we see a cure..etc.",or "it will take another 10 years for so and so ...".How do people here feel about all this?,what's with the research and the new discoveries,and findings that make headline news here or in the media then fade away and we never hear about them again?.Any feedback is appreciated,Thanks.

Miss Philicia:
Trust me, that's been going on since I was diagnosed too which is twice as long as you.

... just 10 more years folks!

Jeff G:
I try to consentrate on living life to the fullest with HIV . I have been poz 30 years so looking for a cure story has lost its shine for me . I have a feeling the news media will drop me a clue if a cure or something notable comes around and I can do the happy dance with the best of them then .

I am interested in living and sharing information about living a full meaningful life despite HIV . Since I have HIV and I dont have a cure I make the best of what I have . 

When the US Secretary of Health announced that scientists had discovered the virus that causes AIDS she said a vaccine would be ready in two years.

Thirty years later..................

Jeff G:
Word of advice to you younger members . You only get one time to be young and have your days in the sun so I would try hard and do the work to except the things in life you can not change . Go climb a mountain or do a zip line or maybe volunteer somewhere but don't spend your young life wanting something you haven't got , it only takes you away from the joys in life when you chase your sorrows .

I haven't given up on a cure but a cure isn't something I can make or control and I can make a better day for my friends and myself too .


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