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never thought I would need to be on this site


I started dating a guy last May....fuck date from A4A.

WE become exclusive in September. We start doing a bit of bareback. I'm a bottom.
He always puts on rubber before finishing.

In Jan. he has cold for first time in five years. worried about HIV is tested and is Poz. but ubt

I took swab test in early jan. Negative. I take blood test in late Jan. Negative.

When he told me his suspicions I couldnt believe it cuz he is a total top and sober. He gave me impression he always used condoms. Now I press him and he admits the last man he fucked before me in April was poz but he didnt known until the man hit him up again in late Oct. I happen to know him socially but unaware of status.

One friend thinks its suspicious, but why would he wait until Jan to tell me?

I stop talking for 10 days because I think he shoulda told me in Nov. about what guy said and what he had done in spring/

Of course now Im back with him. I thinnk we love each other.

Now its rubbers all the way, but I'm hesitant about everything and its affeting us.

does his story seem true? what do i Do?

Jeff G:
Hi Witold and welcome to the forum . As a HIV negative person you are not allowed to post in living with HIV so I moved your thread here so you can discuss dating a POZ person .

If you have any questions about exposure or need risk assessment feel free to start a thread in Am I Infected . 


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