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The Sustiva/Atripla Thread

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Hi everyone,

Still on Atripla and I never miss a dose. My cd4 is up to I think 184:D, but my VL still not undetectable yet, at about 600:P, I think thats what he said.. Wont know for sure till I get a hard copy for my records.. also the doc said geno & pheno test show no resistance (again).. Now I am happy to have my cd4 climb up, but I'm a little concerned that my VL didn't go to UD.. Why does it take so long to go down? Is Atripla weaker than other meds? The test was from May 6, I was expecting something in the low 100s to UD.. Is this normal? I'm sorry for being such a fucking whiner, but you guys are like my HIV guru's ... "Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope."  :) Thanks

I am sure that all members always read the AM News :). But I want to post this link again:

"Sustiva (Efavirenz) Linked to Doubled Risk of Suicidality"

 All Sustiva/Atripla users, please watch carefully Your mood.


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