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Pushy realtors


ok i resumed my search for a new apartment.  Im getting pissed.

Im walking into a prospective apartment and the realtor is all yap yap yap.  Would the bitch shut the fuck up?!  Yes I can see theres a lot of sunlight in the apartment. And I know that I can make the little alcove into an office or 2nd bedroom.  And DUH, its obvious to me there is ample closet space.  If she'd stop pushing the hard sell, I could concentrate more on the nice renovated kitchen instead of thinking about how her constant chattering is annoying me.

Point is she is yapping about stuff I can see for myself.  However, when I ask the tougher questions, she has no clue.

I want to know:

1.)  How much reserve does the coop have?
2.)  Any renovations/capital improvements slated over the next couple of years?
3.)  How many units in the building and what percentage are sponsor owned vs. owner occupied?
4.)  What about the underlying mortgage on the building?  Is it a traditional fixed rate mortgage or is one of those loans with a balloon payment due at the end of the term?
5.)  How about a freaking copy of the financial statements so I can answer most of my questions for myself?

Im not impressed when they say they sell so many apartments, yet they cant answer some basic questions from someone doing some due diligence.  Frankly, I have no patience for this crap.

ANy of you go through this too?


This reminds me of car shoppping, Jesus what a line of Crap. Next Time I plan to down a brew or 5  and do my homework on the internet.
 When they start with the sales pitch/ finance plan I'm simply going to channel Joan Crawford and say ,
" Look boys, dont try to Dick me around , Nobody DICKS Me Unless I want them To !!!"

I hope this helps. :-\


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