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New Meds getting rid of the old ones

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Hey Mark,

for what it's worth, I take  PREVACID
(lansoprazole), but I can only take it
@ bedtime, and cannot take it during to day
along with the Complera....

 And Joel,

I try to avoid any types of gassy
foods, if I can, but sometimes, it cannot
be avoided tho...



Thanks fatty/gassy food. Both of us were doubled over in pain after that fiasco of a meal.

Its been an adjustment for me.... a hard switch from Pantoprazole to Zantac.  BUT, I think my gut has quieted down somewhat and although I do belch in a new way (sometimes painful),  I am going to say that the Complera seems to be easy to take.  All things considered I feel ok.
Note:  There are no statistics on the over 65 age group for Complera.


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