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--- Quote from: cozmikcardigan on March 24, 2013, 02:45:19 PM ---A lil searing never hurt anybody!

OK. So here's the scoop:

CPS is essentially a middle man. I spoke to my doctor (Doctor Takayama [part of AAF AIDS ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION]) who was referred by CPS and he pretty much told me that he was also skeptical at first.

All they are is a receptor of allocated funds for HIV healthcare, which there will be a huge influx once obamacare kicks in next year. What does this mean for us (those who are infected)? Not too much. It only means that instead of dealing directly with insurance we'll be dealing through them and their "network" of pharmacies <-- not too clear what that means exactly.

I'm less trepidations now that i've spoken to the doctor , yes, he was referred by CPS, but he offered up his hesitation before I did. which makes me feel a lil better.

I guess this is just the beginning of healthcare reform bureaucracy and the new structure of all things medical.

--- End quote ---

I don't find your post very clear at all.

I am confused what this organisation CPS does.  Is it a government agency? Registered non profit? What? 
Who asked for its creation?  Why does anyone need a pharmacy middleman? You make it sound like Affordable Care Act sanctions this CPS entity, or will require it somehow.  DUBIOUS.   

Furthermore, what is the AFF - AIDS ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION?  The only info I can find is that it is a charitable gift shop in Long Beach, benefiting aids. 

AFF is an AIDS Service Organisation?  With doctors, social workers, etc.?  LInk please.  Doctor Takayama??

The AFF site is quite vague.  Nowhere does it state it is a 501, at least where I could see. And a lot of its projects/services are written about using the future tenses, as if they do not yet exist.... 

Their charity benefit, date "to be announced" is sponsored by... wait for it.. CPS...

If you ask me, something is rotten in Denmark in this thread.


I have to agree that something simply doesn't "smell right" about this thread.  Everything is remarkably vague and incomplete -- add that to the fact that it has been started by a new poster, who has posted nothing beyond this thread. 
Perhaps I'm being unfair, but this whole thinks stinks of SCAM.



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