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Oral sex and fingering

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Hi everyone

Thank you for all the responses. I'm much less worried than I was, however, a lot of sites I looked at like the CDC or TAC do say that transmission orally is possible.

How should I treat what these sites say regarding oral infection?


P.S. Is it possible to get infected by masturbating after sex if a condom was used? Say 6 hours later?


If you want to know why certain websites leave old, outdated and in some cases, just plain wrong information concerning hiv on their websites, you'll have to ask them. I haven't a clue.

Of course it isn't possible to get infected from masturbation, regardless of the circumstances. Re-read the lengthy reply I took the time to write out for you. It contains the information on why hiv isn't transmitted through masturbation. (I'll give you a hint - masturbation happens OUTSIDE the body.)

You haven't had a risk. Give it a rest and go think about something other than hiv.


Thank you for your help.


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