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Blood Work Back After 28 Days on Meds

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Welcome to the forums.  Regardless of your infection date, you're making awesome strides.  The newer drugs work so much better and I see people here quite often whom become UD in short order.  Glad to see you'll soon be one of them.


Hey Newly;

Welcome to the forums, and glad to see your numbers responding well.



Thanks for posting. I just had Western Blot positive, but do not see the clinic for all the blood work until April 8th. This forum is helping me feel a lot calmer about the diagnosis that I got Monday at age 65. I like what Ann said about making this a journey. I intend to follow her direction and the other men and women on here who have experience.
Sounds like you are doing what you are needing to do. I guess the thing about this is not to dwell on negativity and fear, which are my middle name and hang out with folks who have a positive attitude who are supportive and who do not "make" everything awful. I have to change some friends :)


--- Quote from: Newlydx on March 16, 2013, 06:13:37 PM ---On February 12, 2013, after being diagnosed in January, I was put on Atripla for the first time.  My viral load was 144,652 and my CD4 count was 136.  They said that I probably contracted the HIV virus somewhere around 8-10 years ago  On March 12, 2013, twenty-eight days later, I had another blood panel done.  Results stated that my viral load was reduced to 1,232 (down from 145K) and my CD4 count increased to 259 (up from 136).  I was astounded.  So were they.  Especially since the doctors were telling me not to expect any significant increase in my CD4 count for at least a year.  They also placed me on dapsone on 2/12.

Is this normal?  Will if drop back down?  I'm confused.

--- End quote ---

Wow same boat a little over a year ago. Started complera. Hope ur numbers follow mine


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