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In the modern day of technology, it's difficult to lose track of friends.  Not so much in the olden days.  Without today's technology, it was a lot easier to lose contact with people as we often moved about and were struggling with living.

I had a great friend from highschool who tested positive around the same time I did as well as a quite a few other friends.  We all maintained a pretty tight bond until illnesses, moves, and life took over.  This particular friend decided to move away and somehow we lost contact. 

He is another one of those whom I've thought about often.  I assumed since the rest of the group has long passed away, that he did too.  I rec'd a FB request from him as he saw me on a mutual friend's list.  After I accepted him, we PM'd for quite a while and it was fabulous.

He has recently moved back to the area after inheriting his family home after his parents passed away.  He suggested we get together soon for an old fashioned boys night out.  I know what that meant in  We're getting together next Friday night and it'll be so awesome to catch up.

This has lessened the cloud of sadness a bit and I can't wait to see him again.  I can no longer claim to be the remaining survivor amongst my original group. :D


Great story Wolfie! :)
A blast from the past.
He is single I assume?
Have a great time on your "boys night out".  ;)
Keep us up to date on this.
Love me some gossip.


--- Quote from: wolfter on March 15, 2013, 08:04:24 AM --- I can no longer claim to be the remaining survivor amongst my original group. :D

--- End quote ---
that's definitely something worth smiling about!
have a great reunion!


Great story, I think/know,.. you guys will have a great time together, catching up!

Ray 8)

We didn't discuss too much PMing.  I don't want to set any expectations til I see him again.  I've not seen him since he was a young slim guy.  I've been snooping through his pictures, trying to get a modern day look at him.   ;D  And he might look at me with horror too as he hasn't seen me since my youthful days.  Hopefully he has already checked out my pics and sees that my hairline matches my age.

Either way, it'll be great to reconnect.  It's kinda surreal to imagine someone has probably died and then have the chance to spend time with them again.


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