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How To Live A Normal Life After Youíve Tested Positive For HIV

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Miss Philicia:
How To Live A Normal Life After Youíve Tested Positive For HIV
by Brandon

Hey guys! Brandon here, The Swordís winter intern. Sorry I havenít blogged in a while, but Iíve been coming to terms with some pretty weird news. Last month, I tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

A lot of you might be wondering how in the world someone like me could possibly catch HIV, and believe me, Iíve been wondering pretty much the same thing these past few weeks. Iím young, Iím good looking, Iím white, and Iím not an intravenus drug useróso why me? I always practiced safe sex by asking my partners if they were clean and disease free before we fucked bareback (not to mention the fact that Iím almost always a top), so this whole thing has left me pretty perplexed. Why me?

In addition to all that, you might remember that I have always been a big praponent of staying safe by getting tested every few months (which obviously I did), so why am I the one with HIV? After taking all the precautions that Iíve taken, why am I the one who has to deal with HIV? Is this some sort of early Aprilís Fool joke? Why me? I guess no matter what you do to protect yourselfópulling out, getting tested, asking your partnerís statusóthereís no way to prevent HIV. Say la vie.

To this day, I still donít know whom infected me with HIV, but thereís no use crying over spilled milk, right? All I can do now is try to live my life positivelyópun not intendedóand share my tips with others like I always do. So, here are 3 ways you can still live a normal life even if youíve tested positive for HIV.

1. Get on medication early. Apparently the thing that causes HIV to turn into AIDS is when White Blood Cells turn into AIDS Cells that attack your system. This doesnít even make sense since blood is red and not white, but whatever. The thing that sucks is that HIV meds have crazy side effects and I look/feel like shit pretty much all day, every day. The upside to being on HIV meds with side effects though is that your doctors will perscribe you other meds to take care of the side effects from your HIV meds (if you have health insurance, which I do because Iím still on my parentsí plan), so youíre pretty much covered. And donít worry, if you miss a few doses of your meds because you were too fucked up from partying and forgot to go home, just take triple the dose (plus your side effects meds) whenever you get home, and drink a lot of water!

2. Join an HIV support group. Iíve had some of the hottest, most raw sex of my life with the pig bottoms from my HIV support group.

3. Educate others. Hopefully me reaching out to you guys here has helped educate you as to the causes and the effects of HIV. In addition to my role here, Iíve also been doing some behind the scenes work over at Broke Straight Boys, where Iím advising the models and the production crew on HIV testing protocols and safe sex guidelines. What can I say? Iím just trying to do my part!

Thanks guys.


I hope this is satire.  But, you never know with some. 


I was reading the comments just now, and some take this guy seriously and thank him for the advice.   ::)   One says HIV is "so yesterday." 

Miss Philicia:
Well, you know, you aren't really gay until you seroconvert. Ask Guilhermina.

Shouldn't this be moved to Just Tested Positive? Or was it moved FROM there. Seems familiar.

Jeff G:
That's an excellent question JK ... ask Ann  ;)


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