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med anniversary

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Yes, I will be 56 this year, although for the life of me, I thought I was going to be 57.

I think Ray is right, the years are just speeding by too quickly.

I am planning a visit to Lauglin, Nev., so I can feel young again.



I wondered about your 'calculation' when I first read the post...LOL.

I started the dreaded AZT in 1988.  Added 3TC in 1992 (and there went the nerves in my feet!).   Also started the Saquinavir in 1996, and it saved me from imminent death.
Glad you are doing well on your current meds with no "real" side effects.

Our ride wild continues, Mr. Toad....:)

My triglycerides have skyrocketed over the last two years. I take Reyataz,viread,isentress and a norvir booster. I am also bipolar and take zyprexa which can throw fats haywire. The strange thing is my cholesterol is under 200. Foating between 150 and 180. Im begnning the process of finding out WHICH drug is trowing everything out of whack....any suggestions or tips?

Hey Phillypinko,

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it could be the PIs or the Zyprexa.

Were it me, I would ask your doc about the Reyataz/Novir, to see what he/she thinks.



Hmm...I think I'll congratulate you for managing to survive despite being on drugs for so long.

On a slightly different note...I haven't been on this here internet thingy as much lately so might have missed some gossip...wanted to know how things were going since your operation. Hope you have experienced success!



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