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Dizzy while getting labs drawn

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I am a person that has good blood pressure (BP).  Normally 100/110 over 70. I know when I have blood taken it drops my BP which will cause myself to pass out if in a sitting position.  The first time they were taken blood I was fasting and what happen to you happen to me.  Got to the point where my hearing went out.  A lots of sniffing salts keep me awake.  They walked me over to room where I laid down.  My BP had dropped to 80. 

Now when they take blood I'm laying down...

I have the same problem. They always take me in another room and make me lay down while they draw my labs. I don't look at the needle or the vials of blood.

Yup, I'm a wuss! I dropped out a few times.

It didn't matter if I looked at the vials or not. It didn't matter if the phlebotomist engaged me in conversation. I just passed out.

My last few draws (since fall of 2010) I had a great gal in Philly at Jefferson's outpatient lab named Telia. I told her I had a bad habit of passing out during the draw. She took me to her cubicle, prepped me and said, "Let's talk."

We made it through the draw discussing who had the best fried chicken in center city. I've requested her (she said it was possible) since then except for my November draw = Telia was on vacation. A student phlebotomist took my samples (under the watchful eye of an instructor, they asked if I was okay with that - and I always agree to helping a student) and I educated her a bit on HIV and understanding the patient. I always say I may pass out.

Call me a wussy!


Yep, fasting then getting a blood draw can be a woozie-making combination.  Did you feel any better later in the day once you got food and liquids in? 

I usually have the same problem. I've discovered if I tell the tech I do better if I am distracted, they'll talk to me about something and it's over before I know it. Also I make a point of NOT looking at the tubes or the needle.
Yeah, I'm a total wuss.


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