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Dizzy while getting labs drawn

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Wow and I thought I was the only wuss. ;D
I actually do the opposite.  I have something light to eat, usually toast or tastykakes
and I have some orange juice and bfast afterwards. 

I also don't look at the needles, vials, or anything else.  I just look at Nurse Vampire and talk to her.  Although she always the smelling salts out since the first couple of times she took my blood I passed out.
Michelle 8)

Maybe all of you have allergy to those Vampire! Next time tell them to be very gentle jeje

I always tell the nurse of my hatred of blood draws...and ask him/her to use the baby can't even feel it...and another tip...I always wear a hat and pull it down over my eyes and face the other way...lastly ask for a juice after. For some reason blood lab juice tastes the best.  :)


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